Beginner Pilates Free Taster

Almost everyone has had a bad back during their lifetime, for some it is just a short term nuisance that passes in a few weeks but for others it becomes a more long term problem that needs to be managed to stay pain free.

This is where Pilates is beneficial.

With regular practice you will learn the safest exercises to strengthen your core muscles, improve your balance, flexibility, stability and strength leaving you free to get back to the things you love.

If you can say yes to one or more of the following statements then Pilates might just be the answer for you.

Getting in or out of the car is a struggle.

My joints stiffen up if I sit for a while

I find myself groaning when I sit or rise from a chair

I cant get comfortable when I sleep

If I do the garden I know I will pay for it tomorrow

I cant pick up the kids / grandkids

If I get on the floor I can’t get up without help

Daily chores are taking longer to do because I cant move as fast as I used to

I feel like I am slightly bent forward when I stand up

My knees and hips hurt going up or down the stairs

If you are curious about what Pilates will do to help you move better then book in for a free taster.

Our classes are friendly and you work to your own level.

You can click on any of the Free taster classes below to book yourself in.

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