How you feel right now.

You have niggling aches and pains that keep returning, it is stopping you from enjoying life to the fullest and it is getting you down.

Daily Struggles.

You have to sit or stand stationary for long periods of time for your job and you feel you are stiffening up, it is getting hard to stand after sitting for a few hours and your neck and shoulders ache. You are making excuses to avoid doing your hobbies and sports because you are tired but would love to get back to being more active.

Need help with.

You want to strengthen your core, move better and have more flexibility, you want to feel stronger and healthier and be confident your back will support you no matter what you do in your daily life. You know you need to do something and have been told Pilates will help but don’t know much about it and are worried everyone else in class will be better than you. You have heard it is complicated and don’t think you would be able to do it properly.

How we can help.

Our Gold membership is for people just like you who know they need to do something proactive to help themselves and are ready to take action. Classes are limited to a maximum of 15 usually smaller so the sessions can be tailored to the class attendees. You are encouraged to listen to your body and work within your limitations to get the best from your Pilates practice. Week by week you will feel yourself getting stronger, more flexible and with your homework videos to keep you topped up during the week you will be back to your old self in no time.


The Gold membership includes.

  • Attendance of up to 5 classes per month
  • Access to the online portal for Homework videos
  • Members only Facebook group
  • Discounted Sport Therapy 50% discount
  • All For only £40 per month

If you feel you need extra help ask about the Platinum Package where you get all of the above plus 1 Sport Therapy session per month pre booked and guaranteed for only £65 per month. Perfect for weekend warriors, triathletes, or anyone struggling to recover from an injury or has ongoing health concerns they want to keep under control.