Zoom Classes

Mermaid, Hip Opener, Hamstrings, Pigeon, Twisting
All about the knees.
Knees to chest, Leg Slide, Side leg Lift, Down Dog, Open Door
Heel Raises, Hip Hitch, Lunge, Knee to chest, Hamstring Stretch.
Chest Opener, Achilles Stretch, Thigh Strength, Sciatic Nerve Floss, Hip internal rotation.
Leg Slide, Shoulder Mobility, Roll Back, Mermaid Twist, Breath and Pelvic Floor awareness.
Lunge. Superman. Glute Strength.
Bicycle Legs. Knees side to side
Calf stretch. Hamstrings. Hip opener.
Mermaid. Pigeon
Balance, Side stretching, Roll down,
Hip stretch, Down dog
Ankle stability, Superman, Leg slide,
Dead dogs, Glute stretch
Shoulder Stability, Teaser, Abs, Side Stretch, Maltese Cross.
Standing Knee Lift, Side stretch, Balance, Bum Strength, Shoulders.
Mermaid. Class designed to help you sit more comfortably in Mermaid position.
Superman, Side Bridge, Heel drops, Sitting Twist, Hip Flexor Stretch.