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Through regular Pilates classes you will learn how to strengthen your core muscles, lengthen short muscles and shorten long muscles improving posture.

Discover how correct breathing helps us to reduce pain, learn the benefits of relaxation on the body and mind.

Recapture that feeling of trusting your body to perform as and when you need it to pain free.

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Here is what my clients are saying

I had been struggling with a bad back for a long time and finally took the plunge to go see a chiropractor, my Chiropractor told me I needed to go to Pilates classes to strengthen my core and get more flexibility. When I got home and told my wife she laughed because unknown to me she had just been to a Pilates taster class with Helen. We both attend regularly now and know when we have missed a week we start to stiffen up again. I work away and used to have my chiropractor appointment booked before I went for as soon as I got home because I would be in agony after a long flight and car journey.

I am so happy to have joined Pilates because I no longer have to have treatments and the homework Helen sends out is a god send when you are away. I only wish I had gone earlier.


Dunham on the Hill

I had been to a few Pilates classes before but didn’t feel it was for me. My GP kept telling me to go to Pilates to strengthen my back and core but I just didn’t get it, felt like a lemon and like I was useless and everyone else was really good and knew what they were doing. I came across Helen and she invited me to one of her free taster classes. I went along not expecting too much but………..
She explained everything in a way that made sense to me, yes the breathing took a little time to get the hang of but she was so patient and encouraging that I felt at ease and that it wasn’t the end of the world if I get something wrong. One of the things I love about it is she always says “ I am here to make sure you are working safely and effectively and within your body’s limits, pay attention to your body and give it what it wants, it will reward you in kind later” Helens class is all about the members not about her.

I now have a passion for Pilates I never thought I would have, it is all down to Helens relaxed style of teaching. Thank you.